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Vintage wedding dresses

The vintage wedding dress: do you like something a little different and do you absolutely not want to get married in a standard dress? Then our vintage wedding dresses might be something for you. Vintage wedding dresses are adapted for the present time, but still have the authentic charm of yesteryear. For example, do you like beautiful lace details, simple silhouettes or special sleeves? Vintage wedding dresses are often narrow, elegant and loose-fitting dresses with the tops often made from lace.

Classic wedding dress

The term ‘vintage’ stands for clothing from 1920 until the end of the 70s. Characteristic of the wedding dress are the straight lines and the supple (often lace) fabric. The vintage wedding dress is perfect for anyone who wants something just a little different and is also often worn for themed weddings such as weddings with a festival or beach theme. Often the vintage wedding dress looks a little bohemian. These two styles overlap each other and are combined, resulting in very special and contemporary dresses.

Lots of choice in vintage wedding dresses

Various wedding dresses are available in the ‘vintage’ style. Whether it is a long or short dress, a dress with lace or a satin dress, the vintage wedding dress is available in many shapes and sizes. Within the Très Chic collection, there are many types and sizes of vintage dresses. Try on different dresses and discover what feels comfortable to you.

Interested in our vintage wedding dresses?

Would you also like to get married in a trendy vintage wedding dress? View our collection or find our approved retailers in your area! Check it here!

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