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Short wedding dresses

Don’t want to be a standard bride, or getting married in the height of summer? Then you can choose to wear a short wedding dress. Those who think that short dresses can’t be stylish are mistaken. The collections of Très Chic contain a very wide choice of short dresses in different fabrics and lengths. Are you proud of your legs and do you like things to be a little different? Then the short wedding dress is made for you!

Different lengths

Is a short wedding dress just a little too short for you? No problem! Très Chic offers you various brands in different skirt lengths for a short wedding dress. There are wedding dresses just above the knee, wedding dresses just below the knee (three quarters) and wedding dresses with a short front and a long back. This allows you to accentuate your legs and your shoes a little more. A dress just below the knee provides a classic look while a wide, shorter dress creates a rather playful atmosphere. Try on different lengths to see in which length you feel most comfortable and which shows off your legs to perfection!

Why choose a short wedding dress?

There can be many reasons to choose a short wedding dress First of all because it is comfortable to wear. Especially at very sunny and summery weddings, a short skirt is nicer to wear than a long, thick skirt. A short wedding dress also gives you lots of freedom of movement which means you can dance the night away. An added bonus is that you don’t have to hide your legs and bridal shoes, but that they can instead be the centre of attention! So, do you prefer bare legs, or have you bought beautiful bridal shoes? Then don’t hide them away and choose a short wedding dress.

Short wedding dress

Would you like to get married in one of our modern, short wedding dresses? Then take a look through our collection or find the nearest approved retailer. Feel free to contact us, without any obligation!

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