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Wedding dresses with lace

A wedding dress with lace is timeless and has been very popular for years with good reason. It is a trend that remains, because a dress with lace is still the favourite choice of many brides. Lace is a luxurious type of fabric that is made by hand. It adds a little extra to the wedding dress yet remains very subtle.

Elegant and luxurious

Lace is seen by many as an elegant and luxurious fabric. With (details of) lace you can easily create a lovely and/or luxurious look. This makes it the perfect material for a wedding dress. There are a lot of options when it comes to the lace for a wedding dress and that is why it appeals to many brides. A lace dress can have a very classic look, but can, for example, create a sexy look when it has an open back.

The possibilities with lace are endless

When you choose a wedding dress with lace, you have different options. For example, you can opt for a wedding dress entirely made from lace fabric, or from other fabric that is decorated with lace applications. Lace applications on tulle fabric are very popular. These are made by hand and provide a special effect. Especially in combination with sequins or small gemstones, lace gives a very luxurious effect, which is perfect for a wedding!

Lacy trends

One of the hottest trends in 2020 is a lace dress with a small colour difference in the slip dress. This gives the dress depth and provides a beautiful effect on the dress. By using a different colour underneath, the white lace contrasts and can be seen in more detail. This makes the lace more prominent and immediately gives the dress a chic look.

Curious about a wedding dress with lace?

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