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Ball Gown - Princess wedding dresses

Who doesn’t dream of this? A beautiful, feminine dress made from the most gorgeous fabrics. Are you a princess, or would you like to be one on your wedding day? Then you would of course love to get married in a fairy-tale wedding dress. Très Chic has a wide range of beautiful princess dresses.

What is a princess wedding dress?

A princess wedding dress is characterised by a tight bodice and a full skirt. Often made from tulle, satin or silk. In addition, the skirt may be embellished with small details such as flowers, lace and gemstones. A princess dress combines a number of different materials, which means the wedding dress always has a luxurious appeal.

Full skirts, trains and hoops

Princess wedding dresses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but often exude the same appeal. You can even put the finishing touch to the dress by adding a long train. Because such a big dress contains more fabric, it is often heavier than a normal wedding dress. But princess wedding dresses are available in a wide range of options, so there is a dream dress for every bride!

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