Trend 2020 | Bridal dresses with special back accents

Trend 2020 | Bridal dresses with special back accents

The back of your wedding dress is as important as any other part of the dress – and is in sight at many important moments during your wedding. How about the moment you walk down the aisle? During  the actual ceremony? Or while cutting the cake? Wedding dresses with a special back accent can make your wedding dress dramatic, exciting or even sexy. You “shine” with the front of the dress and “surprise” at the back!

Special and spectacular back accents are a big trend in the bridal world. Low back, translucent lace back, high closed back, back covered with stones and glitter, and so on.. Below, we’ll show you the different options.

Lace back accent

A wedding dress with a lace back is really beautiful and timeless! For a delicate or intricate look, you can opt for a wedding dress with a translucent lace back. That way you can have a sexy and romantic at the same time. Add a little glamor to this bodice? Then decorate the dress with some diamonds and glitter.

Low-cut V back accent

Great for brides with a (mainly) tight and fitted bodice. A low-cut back accent can often be seen in combination with lace details and often has beautiful glitter details on the dress or body. If you’re not such a fan of lace, no problem – we often see chiffon fabric coming back with this back accent. This model is often chosen by the glamor bride who wants a sexy and supple wedding dress, for example for a beach wedding or glamor wedding.

Open back accent

An open back accent can be used in different ways. This model is suitable for the glamor bride as well as for the more traditional bride. It is designed to draw attention to the beautiful back of your dream dress and surprise your guests. It adds an extra bit of elegance – and it will turn heads ..

See-through back accent

One of the trends of 2020 is a see through lace effect that provides a beautiful super feminine finishing touch to your dream dress. A wedding dress with translucent details often has a chic, and at the same time, a sexy look. These accents create drama, confidence and stability. A wedding dress with a transparent bodice or lace accents is often a combination of tulle and lace. Due to the transparent skin color tulle, it looks like the dress is fitted against on your body. See-through back accents are also perfect for you if you would like to cover your arms, but still want to keep the sexy touch on your dress.

High closed back accent

A high closed back accent is often chosen by the traditional bride, but also by the glamor bride. This model can be seen with a beautiful see-through lace effect, but also with chiffon fabric. It can create a traditional look, but also a more dramatic look. High closed doesn’t mean your whole body is covered.

Key-hole back accent

One of our favorites is the key-hole back accent. This accent is designed to add extra elegance and drama to your dress and to surprise your guests with the special accents. With this accent you see the open segments are created on in the back, often surrounded by lace, which creates the key-hole effect.

Corset back accent

Already for years a bridal trend and still just as beautiful. This can be a complete corset- back instead of a zipper, but also a combination. Just take a look at these beautiful different designs of a corset back. Sexy, feminine, traditional, Boho and so on. Can be applied to different wedding themes.

There are many different back accents that you can choose from. Ultimately, you have to choose what you feel best about and where your personality can truly shine through. Still stuck on what your dream dress should look like? No problem. Check our collection online and find a shop near you.

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