Train Goals | All the train your heart can take

Train Goals | All the train your heart can take

From every angle, your wedding gown should “steal the show” on your big day. Of course this also includes the perfect train that suits your personality and style. One noticeable trend, and a must have for 2021, are special trains with beautiful unique accents. A wedding dress with a beautiful train does not necessarily have to be highly embellished or heavily detailed. It can also be beautifully simple, shaped in a special way that compliments your style.

We have listed a number of our favorites for you.

Lace details & Sheer

Lace trains are very popular, because you can create a special, dramatic effect and pattern with lace. This makes the train a real eye-catcher. A lace train matches almost any wedding setting. Our 2021 collections feature several spectacular and breathtaking lace accents. In our Pure by Très Chic 2021 collection you will even find trains of almost 3 meters long.

Simple or Clean-style

Simple or clean style trains pair beautifully with a chic, classic wedding setting. Just think of chiffon fabric or Mikado fabric. These fabrics provide an elegant and chic look to your dream dress. Our Made to Love by Très Chic & Jessie K by Très Chic 2021 collection has some beautiful designs.

The Boho touch!

Are you a fan of the Bohemian & Vintage theme? Then a delicately crafted train with special lace is a perfect match for you! Also think of the blush colored dresses. This color suits this setting perfectly. Check out some of our favorites from our Brinkman by Très Chic 2021 collection.

Tulle and other soft flowing trains

Other details that we see a lot are trains finished with tulle or other similar soft flowing fabrics. Do you not want all the attention to go to your train? Or do you want a nice subtle finish for your dream dress? Then check out some of our trains from our Très Chic & Miss Emily by Très Chic 2021 collection.

Remember, your guests see all sides of your dress,
and your train can make it even more memorable for years to come!

Your back needs to shine too!

Our collections

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