Real Wedding | Tara & Jeffrey

Real Wedding | Tara & Jeffrey

Tara & Jeffrey got married on June 6, 2020. Despite the Covid-19 situation, they had a wonderful, intimate and special day. Curious about this couple’s meeting, choosing Tara’s dream dress and the course of their special day? Then keep on reading…

The meeting – Let’s cut

Tara and Jeffrey first saw each other when Jeffrey and his brother came to Tara for a haircut in 2013. Tara is a hairdresser. After this meeting, they had no contact for a while, but in 2015 they met again. Tara then cut Jeffrey again and kept cutting him from that moment on …

The dress – A combination to fall in love with

On November 16, 2019, Tara found her dream dress in our Brandstore. Adviser Monique helped her and Tara soon felt in love with one wedding dress, but there was still something missing …

“The first one I was actually in love with right away, I just missed something on the top. I tried on the other dresses, but these just weren’t it. Then Monique came up with an idea for the top of another dress. I put these on and fell in love immediately! It became a combination dress. I really felt like a princess and couldn’t wait for the big day. This was the first time I’ve looked at dresses and I found my dreamed dress straight away!”

The big day – Healthy tension

In connection with Covid-19, the couple has only allowed the half-day program to go ahead. They wanted an intimate wedding and luckily all their day guests could just come.

“I was very nervous about our day because you want your dream wedding, but you never know how all the rules will go. At 11:15 am Jeffrey my husband-to-be came to pick me up. There were a lot of friends and family on the street to see this moment, that was so lovely! We had our backs to each other and then turned around for the first look. looked beautiful and luckily he thought I looked beautiful too!”

Tara and Jeffrey took the wedding car to Kootwijkerzand, where they took beautiful wedding photos. Thereafter, the ceremony took place at Boerderij het Molentje. The day guests were waiting for the bridal couple to arrive and surprise them. Tara and Jeffrey said YES in the garden, in a beautiful tent.

The Big Day – No hindrance Covid-19

The ceremony location was arranged in such a way that the appropriate distance could be guaranteed. The bridal couple was not able to speak to the marriage official in real life in advance and they therefore discussed everything via email. She has turned it into a very nice story! Shaking hands with, among others, the Babs, photographer and location owner were not allowed and there where a number of times they had to keep a little more distance. Besides that, Tara and Jeffrey had little hindrance from the COVID-19 measures. After they said YES, all the guests (28 day guests) stood in an honorary hedge and blew bubbles. “After the official part, the newlyweds and there friends and family had a toast and a delicious wedding cake. They finished the day with a barbecue. Tara’s uncle arranged this and everybody enjoyed it.

“Around 7:00 PM the first people went home and we were the last to leave. We were home around 9:00 PM and read all the sweet cards and unwrapped presents.”

The Big Day – Not everything always goes according to plan

“The official ‘I DO’ moment was hilarious for us! Jeffrey had never heard that you had to wait for the line ‘what is your answer to that’. So when the marriage official asked ‘Jeffrey Arends do you take Tara Mazeland as your legal wife’? he immediately said YES! Then everyone was in a dent haha. We did this moment again and now it went well. He has now said yes twice, so fortunately there were no doubts.”

“We look back on a fantastic day! It was an intimate wedding, everything was dressed up and everyone looked beautiful! We enjoyed it enormously and would not have wanted it otherwise. Hopefully we will have the party next year as soon as the 1.5 meter rule is no longer there. “


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