A small wedding | Big Love ❤

A small wedding | Big Love ❤

Intimate wedding tips and tricks

When you picture your dream wedding, there’s everybody you know in the room. From friends, to colleagues, to ex-classmates and extended family. All watching as you walk down the aisle in a glorious white dress…

Or maybe not….

The word ‘wedding’ still comes with a lot of tradition attached to it, but the truth is that a big, white wedding is definitely not going to be right for every couple. So if you’re not wild about the idea of a big wedding, or maybe you have no other option than to go for a small wedding, then read on…

Bigger isn’t always better. Take advantage of all the perks that go along with a more intimate gathering with a few tips for how to have the wedding of your dreams without a Kardashian-sizes guest list.

Less Stress

A lot of the most time-consuming elements of planning a wedding have a close relationship to the number of guests. Gathering RSVP’s, sorting the seating plan, working out transport, block-booking accommodation, thinking about parking, dealing with last minute changes, catering to a wide-variety of dietary needs etc. These things are often the most labor-intensive and stressful elements of the planning process.

Opting for an intimate guest list will definitely make the whole process much easier.

There’s time to bond

Pretty much all newlyweds will agree their wedding day passed by so fast that they didn’t get the chance to even speak to many of their guests. Think about the bride with a large guest list who must spend a big part of her night going from table to table, attempting to make sure every last guest feels welcome and special – and exhausting herself in the process. With a smaller guest list, there’s more time to really connect with every person on a one-to-one basis.

Their presence is part of your memory of the day.

It’s authentic

Let’s be honest for a second. We’ve all been to weddings where we felt a bit like we didn’t know the bride and groom that well. Partners of colleagues, distant cousins and aunt’s you can’t remember ever meeting, might not be the people you want to be hanging out with on the most special day of your lives.

There’s something pretty magical about being able to look at every single face sharing your wedding day with you and know that it belongs to someone who’s a big part of your life.

It’s a budget shrinker – Go crazy with the details

You don’t have to be a maths whizz to figure out that buying 15 of something is going to cost a lot less than buying 215 of something. So a smaller guest list will certainly be kinder on your bank balance. This also means that you’ve got the freedom to spend your budget on your priorities and to make every detail count. The level of detail you can put into the little things is one of the best things about an intimate wedding! While it’s not realistic to personalize too many details around hundreds of people, it’s much more do-able for ten, twenty or thirty guests. It will enable you to splurge on things that might not otherwise be an option, such as a more extravagant dinner option, great entertainment and beautiful décor and surroundings.

With a smaller group, you can truly personalize every aspect of your wedding day!

The dress!

And last but not least; your Dream dress! Even at an intimate wedding you are still the center of that day and you should shine from ear to ear! That of course includes that beautiful wedding dress, that you’ve been checking the internet for, for quite some time! Are you going for an intimate wedding, maybe for budget reasons or for any other reason, your wedding dress remains a special detail of the day!

You need to shine the best as you can!

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