Which neckline makes you shine on your big day?

Which neckline makes you shine on your big day?

Choosing the correct neckline is very important to find the wedding dress of your dreams. But which neckline is most suitable for your figure? It is important to look at your own figure. What are you proud of? Which bodyparts would you like to show? In this blog, we discuss different necklines. Choose a wedding dress that makes you shine!


Timeless and romantic. This neckline is popular amongst our brides. Within this model, you put the emphasis on your cleavage and your neck is optically longer. In our collection you can find dozens of sweetheart necklines. Looking for a real princess wedding dress? Try TC-20000 from our ‘Très Chic‘ collection.

Sheer neckline

One of the latest trends in necklines and details of a wedding dress is the see-through lace effect that provides a beautiful super feminine finishing touch to your dream dress. A wedding dress with translucent details often has a chique and at the same time a sexy look. These accents create drama, confidence and stability. A wedding dress with a transparent bodice or lace accents is often a combination of tulle and lace. Due to the transparent skin color tulle, it looks like the dress is cast on your body. See EG-20054 from our ‘Elisabeth Grace’ collection, this dress looks strapless, but actually has a skin-colored tulle top layer. And how about the beautiful neckline and sleeves of PU-20133 from our ‘Pure’ collection. This wedding dress is also perfect for you if you are not very happy with your arms and want to cover them, but also want to keep the sexy touch to your dress.


This model creates the illusion that your neck is longer, due to the vertical line. This model is less suitable for brides with a smaller bust. For brides with a full bust, this option will get the attention even more to the décolleté.

Deep V-neck

Do you want to go a step further and show more cleavage? Then choose the deep V-neck. This neckline is a new trend and adds a sexy touch to your dream dress. A good option if you want to emphasize the décolleté even more. See EG-20143 from our “Elisabeth Grace” collection. A sexy, elegant wedding dress with a deep V-neck.

Boat neck

Definitely one of the most romantic necklines we have. The horizontal line creates a very feminine look and makes your shoulders look even more beautiful! Tip: make sure you can move your arms adequately in this dress. Try to spread your arms during the fitting sessions. Looking for a dress in which you can dance comfortable for the entire evening? Then choose SN 9146 from our ‘Très Chic’ collection. Looking for a sexy, yet elegant neckline? Then BR-20126 from our ‘Brinkman’ collection is perfect for you!


This neckline is suitable for almost every bride. The straight line makes your shoulders look narrower and your cleavage very feminine. Do you love the dress, but is strapless too ‘minimalistic’ for you? Choose a bottom that stands out, for example PU-20151 from our ‘Pure’ collection.

High neck

Our personal favorite! This line is perfect for brides with a longer neck. With this line you emphasize your arms. This year, an illusion neckline with lace is very popular. An elegant way to cover your cleavage, yet still show some skin by using beautiful lace. On dress PU-20167, the lace covers the entire dress which makes the dress stylish and classic. If you are not a real fan of a lot of lace on your dream dress? Then check PU-20136, this satin fabric provides a special touch without to much lace.

Shoulder straps

With shoulder straps you can go all the way. Width, fabric, accents, style. Shoulder straps are often added to strapless dresses, as the bride might feel too ‘exposed’. An additional, practical benefit: guaranteed no sagging dress on your big day! Do you find you dress too ‘basic’? Upgrade your dress by choosing a lace shoulder strap, as examplified by the TC-20050 dress from our ‘Très Chic’ collection.


With a neckholder you create volume in your upper body. This line emphasizes your arms and shoulders. Do you feel insecure about your arms and shoulders? Choose a laced bolero or straight straps. Are you looking for a unique neckline? Try PU-20107 from our ‘Pure’ collection and upgrade your dress to another dimension!

Keep in mind that these are just guidelines. Some necklines can look, against all expectations, very beautiful on you! The main rule is: choose a dress in which you feel beautiful and which makes you shine! Ask your consultant for their expert opinion to help you in this process. In our collections we have over a hundred dresses that can be customized to your taste. We are confident that you will find your dream dress in one of the collections of Très Chic Bridal Wear!

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