“Pregnant and I’m getting married!” | How to find the perfect maternity dress?

“Pregnant and I’m getting married!” | How to find the perfect maternity dress?

“Help! I’m pregnant and I’m getting married!” This is a thought that probably runs through the head of every pregnant bride. No one can predict how your pregnancy will develop and how your body will change, but one thing is for sure: your belly will grow! How do you start your search for the perfect maternity wedding dress and what are the tips and tricks?

Your first fitting session

Inform your consultant at the first fitting session that you are pregnant, when you are expecting and when you are getting married. It is also important to know if you would like to accentuate or camouflage your belly. This makes the search for your wedding dress a lot easier.

Normally, the first fitting session takes place 5 to 7 months before the big day. Your belly will hardly be visible which makes fitting dresses quite difficult. Many bridal shops often use a special pregnancy pillow. This pillow is shaped in a special model which will make you feel like you’re 8 months pregnant. This gives you a better idea of the final result. It might feel a bit uncomfortable at the beginning, but you will see it works perfectly!

TIP: Keep in mind that your fingers might be slightly swollen through pregnancy. To avoid embarrassing moments, fit the rings a couple of days before your big day.

Suitable wedding dresses for your ‘baby bump’

Bridal dresses that are generally great for pregnant brides are dresses that have a waistband just below the bust and then fall wide, the ‘empire’ style wedding dress. This makes the fabrics fall nicely over your stomach and you look optically taller. In addition, this style dress is very comfortable since there are no tight fabrics over your stomach. Your belly can continue to grow without drastically changing the dress.

TIP: As a pregnant woman, we recommend soft and elegant fabrics. The empire line is the most popular line amongst pregnant brides, since the model is very comfortable, and makes you taller and slimmer.

Accentuate your belly

Would you like to accentuate your belly? Choose a beautiful waistband to draw all attention to your ‘baby bump’. The waistband can be decorated with a brooch, or go one step further and use a coloured waistband!

TIP: Listen to your own body. If it tells you to take a break, please do!

Bridal lingerie

Actually, this is an important part for every bride, pregnant or not. The perfect dress stands and falls with the right lingerie. As a pregnant bride, good support and comfort is very important. Our advice: buy your lingerie shortly before the big day. Not only your belly will grow in the next couple of months. A big chance that your breasts will grow one or more cup sizes and small lingerie is not fancy but certainly not comfortable ….

Tip: Go and buy your bridal lingerie shortly before the big day.


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