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We are always looking for new partners in Europe and other parts of the world.
Are you interested in including our collection in your range? Don’t hesitate to get in touch! We can give you information about our options and explain the way we work, without any obligation. 

When you become an authorizer Très Chic Bridal Wear dealer/stockist, you become part of our network of distributors that we value and support. 

What we believe in.

“Affordable luxury for every Bride”, is just the beginning of how we approach our business. At Très Chic Bridal Wear, we know that the Bride has many choices in her style of wedding more than ever. 

We understand the importance of creating Bridal Gowns that deliver the perfect look with exceptional value for your Bride. We’re focused on your Bride and what she’s looking for, and we know that every Bride is different. 

Your reputation is as important as ours!
Every detail, every question, and every response – matters. Whether it’s a status update, colour or size option enquiry, or any other question, our world- class customer service team is ready to help you be professional and responsive to your Bride. 

What we offer.

Company owned Manufacturing & Design.
At the heart of our global operations, is our company-owned, fully integrated design and manufacturing facilities. We control every detail, style and pattern to create stunning Wedding Dresses with extraordinary care. 

Logistics & Customer service
There can never be delays in Bridal… ever! 
Accordingly, we have invested heavily in critical logistics and automation. Because our operations are wholly-owned, we know how to manage, expedite and track every single step of the manufacturing process from the time you place an order, to the moment it’s delivered to you. 

We don’t leave anything to “chance”. We track and monitor your order to make sure that your critical dates are managed to meet your expectations and those of your Bride. 

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What we promise. 

We are where your Brides are.
Our broad, far-reaching social media presence is focused on making sure that our core brand promise of “Affordable Luxury for Every Bride” is represented in every aspect of our approach. No matter what style of wedding your Bride is planning, we position each of our collections expertly and precisely, to ensure your Bride will be confident that Très Chic will be exactly what she’s looking for.

Our digital and social media effort continues to evolve and grow to reach your Brides. And we are passionate about being at the forefront of the latest social media trends and best practices.

We believe that the bride-to-be is passionate about information for her dress, for her choices, for the wedding style that will suit her. We know she’ll explore every opportunity to find brands and retailers, to seek her dream dress.

Our priority is to drive brides to your store. Every single day, we reach thousands of Brides around the world with our precisely focused consumer marketing reach. Each of our Retail Partners is featured on our multi-language website where we direct potential Brides to find your store.

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With six amazing collections, we know that no matter what your Bride’s style and theme is, Très Chic is going to have the right style to deliver exactly what she’s looking for. 

Some of our collections are available without any territory considerations, and some of our collections are planned to have exclusivity within a certain territory. 

But no matter where you are, there are always opportunities to be a part of our family-of-dealers! Send us an email or call our worldwide headquarters and enquire about becoming a dealer. We’ll take your information and one of our expert sales and distribution professionals will connect you with more information, it’s that simple! 

Let us tell you

What our other dealers

,It was always a dream working together with Très Chic”, says Cynthia Veenman, referring to her bridal store Lets Shine, which she opened in October at Molenstraat in Naaldwijk. ,,Wedding dresses are an obsession.” When she explains why, the words ‘magical garment’. ,,Women are often insecure about all sorts of things. Some think they have too big a forehead, others think they are a size too big. Put them in a wedding dress and they will forget about everything. It is just a peace of garment in which everyone feels beautiful.”

– Cynthia Veenman